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Wednesday, Aug 20th

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The Voice magazine: Advancing Christian life and culture

The Voice magazine is a non-partisan, conservative Christian magazine reaching readers in more than 165 nations. The Voice serves as a new media platform to advance Christian life and culture, to promote conservative values in government, and to raise awareness of threats to individual liberties.

The Voice offers up-to-date news, commentary and in-depth features on a wide variety of topics, from culture and politics to faith and spiritual growth. Our articles seek to educate and inform about issues impacting society and minister to the spiritual needs of individuals.

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Pastor Randy Gerlt "I really appreciate the freshness and the depth of your articles."

Cindy Zanetta Muir "This is an excellent Kingdom minded magazine that speaks out on many pertinent issues of today. I highly suggest it to my friends who are interested in Kingdom stuff!"

Shantel Moore "I love this publication, it seems to be talking directly to me everytime I read it...Bless God!! Keep hearing God and blessing us!!"

Hilda Yesie Sherman "I am so glad I found you! It's a lonely world out there, so many "Christians" are so wimpy and fearful, that like to go to church but not involved in the world."

Trese Strauss "This is a wondeful challenging publication for our times! I highly recommend it for the bride of Christ to prepare to usher in His coming! This unites us."

Kelly S. Hampton "This is an awesome Christian publication with amazing Biblical truths made clear and applicable!!!"



Judge Napolitano: The Cause of Liberty

Judge Andrew NapolitanoJudge Andrew Naplitano Shares How We Can Re-establish Freedom in America Again. He is a freedom fighter, a liberty-seeker, and a straight shooter. He’s the youngest life-tenured Superior Court judge in the history of the State of New Jersey, the host of Fox’s Freedom Watch show, and the author of four books, including “Constitutional Chaos,” “The Constitution in Exile,” “A Nation of Sheep” and his latest effort “Dred Scott’s Revenge.”

Napolitano understands that our personal, civil, financial and religious liberties are under attack – and he understands what true freedom is. When you want insight into how to turn our country around, the judge is among the best people to ask.