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The Face of Radical Islam in America – Hamas – Israel War Protest

Courtesy of ACT! for America

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — ACT! for America supporter Tom Trento ventured to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida last Tuesday to videotape a pro-Hamas demonstration. When you click on the link below to this must-see video, keep in mind, this didn’t happen in the Gaza Strip – it took place right here in America.

When you watch the video you’ll see and hear things… Keep reading | 1 Comment

Pat Robertson’s 2009 Prophecies

Excerpted from today’s broadcast of “The 700 Club”: watch it here: http://www.cbn.com/media/index.aspx?s=700club

In 2009: The economy will recover, a swift recovery as early as April. People will welcome socialism under Obama, nothing will stand in the way. It will be a new New Deal.

The U.S. will have less power in the world, the dollar will go down dramatically. There will be hyperinflation–$ 300/barrel… Keep reading | 11 Comments

The Challenge Facing Christianity in America

We are in a battle for the soul of America against strange gods, foreign ideologies and humanist philosophies.

Barack Obama stated in one of his many speeches, he no longer believes America is a Christian nation.

“Whatever we once were, we’re no longer a Christian nation. At least not just. We are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, and a Buddhist nation, and a Hindu nation, and a nation… Keep reading | 5 Comments

Islamic Nations in U.N. Plan to Criminilize Christianity

Will United Nations’ bigotry against Christians get reviewed? ‘We’ll check,’ Perino promises of ‘anti-defamation’ proposal

WorldNetDaily — A United Nations plan that would make Christians criminals under international law will be getting a review by the White House, according to spokeswoman Dana Perino.

WND reported just days ago on a proposed “Combating Defamation of Religions” program supported by the 57… Keep reading | 5 Comments

Muslim Nations Want UN Resolution Prohibiting Free Speech Against Islam

A number of Muslim nations have taken a resolution to the United Nations that would prohibit defamation of a religion — theirs. By Charlie Butts

Dozens of Muslim-dominated countries want protection. Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law & Justice explains what that entails. “They’ve put forward what’s called a ‘[Combating] Defamation of Religions’ resolution… Keep reading

Have Islamic Honor Killings Arrived on US Shore?

Honor Killings are normal in Islamic nations governed by Sharia Law.

These murderous attacks on females are common in Turkey and countries of the Middle East, according to UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund. UNICEF defines the practice as one “in which men kill female relatives in the name of family ‘honor’ for forced or suspected sexual activity outside marriage, even when they have been victims of rape.”… Keep reading | 1 Comment

Pro-Islam Principal in Texas Moves to Larger School by Jeff Johnson

OneNewsNow reports — A Texas middle-school principal widely criticized for forcing students to sit through a pro-Islam presentation without parents’ knowledge or permission has been hired by the Houston Independent School District.

As OneNewsNow reported in June, nearly 900 students at Texas’ Friendswood Junior High were required to attend a pro-Islam lecture by two representatives of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. The program… Keep reading

Boys in UK School Refuse to Pray to Allah Get Detention

As WorldNetDaily reported — Two seventh-grade boys were given detention and their classmates forced to miss their scheduled refreshment break when the pair refused to kneel and pray to Allah during a religious studies class.

Outraged parents called the punishment of the boys for not wanting to take part in the practical demonstration at Alsager High School near Stoke-on-Trent, UK, of how… Keep reading | 1 Comment

Child Sex OK at Age 9, says Islamic Saudi Cleric

‘Muhammad is model we follow. He took ‘Aisha to be his wife when she was 6′

Age, or lack thereof, is no hindrance to marriage under Islam, according to Ahmad Al-Mu’bi, an officiant for marriages from Saudi Arabia who says sex at 9 is fine.

According to a video of the Saudi official recorded and translated by MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute,

Sharia Law Now Recognized In London, UK Courts

Muslims can seek rulings on family or property issues from Sharia councils, which work in cooperation with the civil courts. By Kim Murphy, Los Angeles Times

LONDON — It was a clear case of irreconcilable differences.

The wife said there was no love left in the marriage, she wanted a divorce. The husband insisted that she had been put under the influence of a taweez, a talisman, that… Keep reading | 15 Comments

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