Todd Bentley Excessive Drinking Involved in Florida Revival Demise

Was excessive drinking another reason evangelist Todd Bentley, leader of the Lakeland Florida Revival, stepped down and will divorce wife Shonnah?

HALLANDALE BEACH, Aug 20/ THE VOICE magazine: Advancing Christian Life & Culture

On August 15th the board of directors of Bentley’s Fresh Fire Ministries (FFM) said there was an “unhealthy relationship on an emotional level with a female member of his staff.” C. Peter Wagner, California pastors’ Che Ahn, Bill Johnson and others commissioned and prophesied to Bentley in a televised service by God TV and offered “apostolic oversight” to the Lakeland Revival. Events have proven the oversight came to late to save the ‘Florida outpouring’ and Bentley stepped down.

Now The Voice magazine has learned that “excessive drinking” may also have been involved. In a letter to ministry partners John Arnott, founder of Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship and member of Wagner’s International Coalition of Apostles wrote, “Further it has now come out that there has been some inappropriate behavior, both with excessive drinking and also with a female member of his staff.”

Sadly this story continues to develop.

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36 Responses to “Todd Bentley Excessive Drinking Involved in Florida Revival Demise”

  1. 1 ashley Aug 20th, 2008 at 9:50 am

    I am just one of many believers who were watching the Todd Bentley situation with a measure of care, nevertheless I am surprised how deeply dissaponted and disillusioned I am by all of this sin which has been revealed, I feel sure that the man has been allowed a freedom of an undisiplined life by those who should have been his mentors.

    We as the body of Christ must intercede in prayer for the babes in Christ who may be devestated by this betrayal. that the precious name of Jesus will not be crucified again.

    May the professing apostles examine themselves and those in their charge with the solemness required,in the light of Gods word

  2. 2 Mary McKendry Aug 20th, 2008 at 9:52 am

    How could they all have got it so WRONG? How? This man had been inside Heaven so he said. He had spoken to the Lord Jesus himself, he alleges. he was supervised by the leaders of the Church. HOW could they all have got it so wron? Now we hear of excessive drinking and inappropriate sexual behaviour going back some years. othe rpeopel can make difficult marriages work so why can’t he?
    I pray thet the marriage is restored. I pray thet the Christian Church is not badly affected by this bombshell.

  3. 3 Tewolde Yemane Aug 20th, 2008 at 10:10 am

    Greetings in the Precious name of Jesus Christ
    History reveal that no one is perfect in his journey towards maturity only Jesus is perfect. Miracles, signs and wonders ofcourse they can measure to some extent but can not be absolute measurment. There are ups and downs in life God will raise him. Always Todd is victor the enemy is always defeated.
    Tewolde Yemane

  4. 4 John Douglas Aug 21st, 2008 at 7:10 am

    Todd Bentleys now confirmed resignation,applied for seperation from his wife plus all of the other admissions by his leadership that he”has sinned” will undoubtedly fuel “the worlds ” scepticism about Christianity in general and “Revival” in particular.Surely this now should heavily underscore the need for discernment,weighing up what these or any “so called prophets ” have to say and using the intellectual critical faculties that believers have been equipped with???.The Church should pray that these so called revivals will cease and that the Church will get back to basics with solid teaching,not having ears “tickled” by those with dubious claims of revelations and visits to Heaven!!!.

  5. 5 Concerned Intecessor Aug 21st, 2008 at 1:50 pm

    This is precisely why we have to stand on the Word of God ALONE. We can’t allow ourselves to be swayed or influenced by charasmatic behavior, polished showmanship, nor signs and wonders.
    What does the word of God say about these things???

    Did the real prophets and apostles try to warn us of this from the beginning when they learned of the gold dust and the Emma Angel? Yes, they did.

    Why did we chose to follow the false prophets and false apostles and ignore true men and women of God?

    Remember the Bible does say in Matthew 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? 23And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

    We must begin to repent as a body and humble ourselves and pray and turn from our wicked ways so that we can hear from heaven and the Lord can heal our land. So many people are hurting and confused as a result of the lack of true leaders in the body of Christ with discernment, spiritual insight, and fortitude. If we had that, this entire situation would never have affected so many people. My prayer is that the Lord would raise up strong, wise, discerning, and mature leaders in this generation adn the generations to come.

  6. 6 A Midwest Pastor Aug 21st, 2008 at 5:49 pm

    The spirit of Jezebel and the spirit of religion are both damaging spirits in the church today. But we fail to realize that the spirit of “pride” overwhelms a great many ministries and ministers. “Pride goeth before destruction …” and destruction always follows! In the past couple of decades we have seen many fall: Bakker, Swaggart, and a host of others who have given in to pride and not the leading and move of God’s Holy Spirit.

    However, none of us are perfect. And one of the things that the church of the past fifty years has been known for is “shooting our wounded!” Restoration, restoration, restoration … that is the teaching of the Word of God.

    We need to pray for these ministries!

  7. 7 JohnH Aug 22nd, 2008 at 6:04 am

    Why were these self-appointed “apostles” unable to see and discern what was so apparent to many?

    Todd Bentley needs to withdraw from ministry, repent and work towards a very long period of restoration, but never again to public ministry.

    But these other so-called apostles need to repent and get back to the Word of God and stop the nonsense. They are a blight on the Body of Christ. They are false teachers.

  8. 8 Gladstone Bhasme Aug 23rd, 2008 at 12:51 pm

    It’s my observation that ALL human beings have something to hide!
    We are all sinners – even the ones who are quick to point an accusing finger at someone else – and such accusers are only disciples of Satan – the Chief Accuser.
    Such accusers are far more clever than the accused in hiding their own sins.
    Only the Perfect should ‘throw stones’!!!!!
    I am a follower of Jesus Christ and have a deep desire to become more and more like Christ – but I find myself like Paul in the Bible “doing things I don’t want to do or not doing things I want to do”.
    When I sincerely confess my sins He is faithful and just to forgive my sins!!
    Only Christ in us makes us stand totally righteous before God our Father.
    I certainly DO NOT SUPPORT sin of any kind and I don’t understand everything that folks like Todd Bentley do – but I love Todd Bentley and all those accused – because the work that God has started in them (and in me) HE WILL COMPLETE in due course – even if we seem imperfect for a while!!

  9. 9 William Southward Aug 24th, 2008 at 9:07 am

    Gladstone Bhasme : wrote: certainly DO NOT SUPPORT sin of any kind and I don’t understand everything that folks like Todd Bentley do – but I love Todd Bentley and all those accused – because the work that God has started in them (and in me) HE WILL COMPLETE in due course – even if we seem imperfect for a while

    What you are saying is wrong, and it will not happen. Todd will not come back ever. Todd is a low life a uneducated fool, he had a chance that others could only dream of. he stuck his fingers up to the christian world and mocked and laughed at them. Yes he mocked Christ and worse he pretended to minister to the weakest in our society. Ran back to the pub and got drunk and got involved with things I wont mention here. and then went up on stage and ranted for the night and then back to the pub all the whils telling us he was praying for 3 hours each day, ask any staff member about him. A Devil.
    Stop this rubbish about Todd getting forgivness what type of fools are you all? what do you not get, Todd does not want forgiveness . he never did, he wants Fame and money, that is all he ever wanted. So please all you poor old suckers stop and remember there are rotten people out there, even though they talk about God.
    God TV is another take Wendy and all she said yould happen “jesus to go on stage etc” she was talking about my Lord and I am very upset at the foolish things she said .She said many things, take Isreal etc. Look at the dangerous rubbish God TV is showing to our youth at present, Take a look . and they like Todd always looking for money, if
    God wanted them he would provide there needs,
    Where is, or was, the talk about Grace, faith, etc please read your bibles and then you will not be supporting these evil sharks, decievers

  10. 10 BARBARA Aug 24th, 2008 at 3:22 pm

    What a shame that so many good people were decieved by TODD BENTLEY. It was plain for every one to see that this man was not operating in the right spirit.
    Whatis it going to take to open up the eyes of christians. TODD BENTLEY, was doing so many things that was unscriptual and the christians, had no discernment.

  11. 11 Brad Aug 24th, 2008 at 6:03 pm

    Gladstone must be bugged because she is posting the same messages on different web sites

    Only fools will say or consider that the false ones in the Lakeland revival were or are Christians. True Christian don’t lie, steal, fornicate, get drunk, cheat on their wives and be friends with demons!

  12. 12 Joyce Aug 25th, 2008 at 12:14 pm

    Bentley should not have been allowed to preach in the first place. He was too young, and with this violent record of behavior, including the beating of his mother, should have caused those if they were in a real ministry to have red flags. Even if a person claims to be forgiven and uses the name of Jesus, the office of a Pastor, shepherd, leader should be a high calling of reverence fear, humility, a servants heart. This takes years to develop. Bentley showed none of these characteristics. I wonder if there was violence in his marriage? The truth has not been told, and they are afraid to tell it for fear of losing money, fame, and their ministry. It would be wise and prudent for those who know what really went on to publicly come and speak the truth, go to the appropriate authorities and tell them. If bentley has broken the law it needs to be said. There needs to be an investigation right away. from Joyce a grandmother So far I find no where Bentley himself is taking the responsibility to repent publicly.

  13. 13 Grace Aug 25th, 2008 at 12:39 pm

    Wow! Some of these responses about Todd Bentley is very sad. If you were to use the same measure to evaluate some of the men and women of God in our Christian History I think you would miss it. Consider, David, Hosea, Paul or even Jesus who comes from a line of infedelity Himself. Without Gods Grace where might you be? Hmmmm…..will you be ready to carry the Glory at the measure God wants to pour out on you? Are you completely spotless and wrinkle free? Don’t misunderstand what I am saying. I am not saying everything is or was handled all correctly however I ask you the same question God asked Samuel when sent to anoint the next King. Why do you look at the outer appearance? I, God, look at the heart. There are too many harsh words being thrown around about what is happeing with Todd. We need to pursue beign the FAMILY of GOD, in Christ Jesus. Have we not learned from Noah’s son’s who exposed his nackedness when he got drunk. Can you consider being more like the son who covered his dad’s nackedness? WoW, think of this, that was before the cross and the covering of the blood of Jesus.


  14. 14 Tim Fuller Aug 25th, 2008 at 3:33 pm

    To those who worry this might have a negative impact on people’s ability to believe in the fairy tale of Christianity, fear not. You guys are such easy rubes that a dude who looks like he just got off the back of a Harley was put in a position of high respect and power.

    Pretty much prima facie evidence that Christians are EASILY SELF DELUDED.


  15. 15 Brad Aug 25th, 2008 at 4:55 pm

    Todd Bentley and his Alliance Revival leaders are wolves in sheep’s clothing and you don’t give them grace to do more of the same but expose them and shame them! Yes Todd Bentley lied and stole from the sheep – Quote:
    that God had told him that there were 1,000 people who would give $1,000 and that they would be blessed 1,000-fold. Robert called Stephen Strader to confront the unbiblical nature of that appeal. It came out that Todd admitted he hadn’t heard that from God, that it was just an idea he had so that they could raise money to build a big stadium. Robert challenged them to issue an apology the following night based on that false claim of being told by God and they refused to do it on the excuse that it’s a different crowd every night.

  16. 16 Concerned Aug 26th, 2008 at 5:34 am

    Todd Bentley has mad a mockery of what I believe is/was a move of God. Why? I was at Lakeland twice and my daughter got her eyesite healed while watching on the internet the revival. It is unfortunate though that Todd could not handle the pressures of many people who think they were doing a service to Jesus but may have been a cause for Todd to snap like he did by constantly writing negative things about him.

    I am tired of all the criticizms against Todd and I am also tired of hearing Todd to be honest with you I am tired of this whole revival.

    People wake up!!!

    what would Jesus do?

  17. 17 Dawn Aug 26th, 2008 at 8:23 am


    Please just know that ALL of us Christians were not fooled.
    Some of us (yes, me) knew he was a charlatan ‘at best’.
    To be truthfull I think he is extremely occultic AND just a plain old drunk adulterer.

    I wouldnt and won’t be surprised at anything that comes out about him from wife/child beating, wife/child sex abuse, etc

    I have in the past made the statement that as politicians and preachers go………you could say they had people buried in the back yard and it would horrify me , but NOT suprised me that it was a preacher.

    I say this extreme statement to show you that ALL of us were not fooled and I sent out personal letters to beg people to get a brain.

    I also want you BRAD to know that I am an avid follower of Christianity (Jesus Christ) and yes I can be such and NOT a gullable individual.

    On behalf of all Christians, duped and not duped, I apologize to you personally Brad


  18. 18 Pam Aug 26th, 2008 at 10:58 am

    What an incredible fall from someone confessing to be the instrument our HOLY GOD would use. I am amazed that the ministry can continue after such deception. Yes, we are human and fall short of the glory of GOD, but when we claim to be saved and are leading others to CHRIST, we are separated and have a great responsibility. I would hope that those that Todd Bentley laid his hands on in prayer would understand that he imparted unholy spirits rather than the HOLY SPIRIT and will pray to have those unholy spirits cast out. We live in a time when we should test the spirits and make sure that we are in the WORD so that we will not be deceived. I pray for Todd Bentley and his family. A man of GOD does not drink and allow temptation lead him to destruction. He is obviously anti-christ.

  19. 19 Lola Aug 27th, 2008 at 2:25 pm

    ‘It is easier said than done’, pple are just apportioning blame on Todd, remember God has not made anybody as Judge over another, but I want you to be careful not to judge anybody in order not to be judged.

    I am not supporting whatever happened or what Todd did but everything that is hidden under the earth, it is open in heaven to God almighty.

    Our God is infinite in mercy, I believe Todd will be forgiven and let us stop broadcasting this act of Todd as this will discourage young christian coming up.

    Our first commission is to go around the world to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to unbelievers, how many are really doing this?

    Some christians have done worse things before and some are still doing it in the hidden, all will be exposed in no time.

    Be watchful, fast and pray at all times because the devil is moving around looking for those to kill and destroy.

    Please all, I besiege you as christians to interceed for Todd in your closet, pray for him to receive forgiveness from God.

  20. 20 brad Aug 28th, 2008 at 4:01 am

    People who don’t repent do get forgiven. Only one thief on the cross was forgiven? The other was not? And Todd needs to be first delivered and then saved from himself because as Peter Wagner stated on August 25,2008:

    “First of all, Todd has been removed from public ministry until further notice. He has resigned from the ministry he founded, Fresh Fire, so he is no longer a part of that board. It has become clear that he indulged in periodic drunkenness. He has no intention at the moment of reconciling with Shonna, nor does she with him. Their marriage has been torn for years by his emotional attachment with at least one other female whose physical contact went beyond hugging and kissing and holding hands. Enough said-maybe more details will be revealed later-but it was clearly immoral. All of this was skillfully concealed by lying and by swearing close associates who had observed his behavior to secrecy.”

  21. 21 laura Sep 1st, 2008 at 6:24 pm

    lets not criticise but stay focussed on Jesus, and not on man!

  22. 22 susan Sep 2nd, 2008 at 9:29 pm

    prayer, constant prayer
    communion with our Father.
    that is what Jesus does & always has done.
    no one is perfect, no…not one, except Jesus.
    let us ask Jesus to fill us with Him.
    Todd Bentley, I love you & your family & will continue to intercede for you.
    Forgive us for judging you, Todd.
    thank God that none of us has our private life & our mistakes exposed to the world as we continue to let God change us…the life long process of our walk.
    thank you for forgiving me every single day of my sins, Jesus. what would we have done without what You accomplished on that cross & through your resurrection?????
    thank you, Father, that You are the God of the second chance, the third chance, the fourth, etc.
    thank you, God, that You, alone, are the ultimate Judge & not us. God, help us not to kill our wounded. Help us to help this family heal. I break every curse off of the Bentleys that are being spoken over the air waves & i pray healing & blesings upon them.
    Cover them, Lord Jesus Christ.

  23. 23 Linda Sep 4th, 2008 at 10:45 am

    It is very sad and unfortunate that Todd was put on a pedestal, by himself and many others. He may have indeed ministered in the wrong spirit; however, when God’s Word goes forth, God accomplishes what he wants through it. God’s honoring the faith of those receiving whatever they received is not dependant on Todd, but God. God has the upper hand, the final word, and is sovereign. It may have been done from evil motivations, but God can bring good out of it in the lives of those affected. God is so much bigger than all this and there will be testimonies of healings and growth. God is amazing this way!!!!

  24. 24 Katie H. Sep 4th, 2008 at 7:02 pm

    You know, this is so very confusing. I grew up in a very abusive environment. I have always wanted to believe that God was real.

  25. 25 MIRIAM Sep 7th, 2008 at 2:12 pm

    Ms. Katie H

    When I began my walk with Christ I too fell in the hands of false prophets. It was only through Gods revealing word that it opened my eyes to the truth and delivered me from their hands. Christianity is based on a relationship with Jesus Christ not with men. Research the scriptures ask the Holy Spirit to help you, He will. Believe me, every experience is unique to every believer and it will draw you closer to God. Gods word says psalm 118:8 It is better to trust in the Lord Than to put confidence in man. Church is important and the Holy Spirit will guide you to the right place of worship according to your gifts and talents. Faith comes by hearing the word of God. I have no doubt that Mr. Todd has a calling in His life. God said that gifts and callings are irrevocable. If He repents He will be forgiven wich ever way God knows the heart of men, God will judge and vengence belongs to the Lord. All this that happened means that what Jesus said is true. There will be many wolves in sheep clothing. Many times he warned us to beware. You will only know them by their fruits according to Galatians 5. However, Jesus also said in John 16:13… He will guide you into all truth. He being the Holy Spirit. No matter what happens don’t stop reading Gods word. Ms. Katie don’t look back, don’t look to the side just focus on Jesus. Your eternity is forever. This life will eventually end.
    Mathew 16:4 says, A wicked and adulterous generation seeks after a sign… The greatest sign that will ever be is that Jesus is alive and the tomb is empty. Your senses can not see, touch smell or hear it. Just believe, taste and see that the Lord is good. May God bless you and may His power forever guide you and the peace that surpases all understanding fill your heart and mind.

  26. 26 Crystal UK Sep 7th, 2008 at 3:21 pm

    Hi Katie
    I understand your feelings of confusion and it hurts doesn’t it that God’s people could have behaved in this way? However, I see that God heard your cries answered your prayers and He has given you a hunger for His Word. And that is always where the real answer to all this lies dear sister…. we must remain hungry for His Word …. it is the anchor in a fast-moving world. As long as you keep His Word close to your heart and seek the Holy Spirit’s help in understanding and revelation, you will stand firm my friend. Don’t lose heart will you? You may have heard this but when a bank teller is learning how to recognise the counterfeit money – he doesn’t examine all the counterfeits in detail – but he studies the real money, in great detail, so that when the counterfeit turns up he can see in an instant the difference. The Word of God is the real deal, so keep on doing what your doing and I shall see you in Heaven one day where we will rejoice forever in the presence of our Mighty King of Glory. With love and blessings. =-)

  27. 27 Caz Sep 9th, 2008 at 6:43 pm

    In respect to the above I would strongly recommend reading, Shifting Shadow of Supernatural Power By Julia Loren. It’s is a great well-researched work from a journalist and counseling psychologist on discerning the true power of God.

  28. 28 Sandra Sep 15th, 2008 at 6:57 am

    What happened to Todd Bentley is tragic and very sad. The enemy attacked and the prayer support wasn’t there to sustain the revival. I and all my family were blessed by the outpouring. This was a move of God himself, Todd is not a false prophet, I love him and his ministry. I will always watch him again. None of us are perfect and falling into sin will not stop what God is doing in his life. I pray God will raise him up and restore his soul. He is a very brave man to take on the powers of the enemy like he did, and allow God to move mightily on his people. If you have true discerment you will know this was the spirit of God.

  29. 29 marge and carson Sep 18th, 2008 at 2:55 am

    we too experienced Lakeland and the joys that followed are undescribable.Todd never taught those subjects that these religious crazies are speaking of. His was one of passion and zeal for the sick and for the presence of God. Our great sin is that we did not pray for him and the ministry . We rembember him asking us time and again to pray for him the ministry , for the trials and temptations in any organization like that must be heavy with pressure..todd was very childlike and trusting . His testimonies about his experiences with angels ( i had one once too yrs ago) was just that, a testimony that he would give from time to time because in all( honesty) he wanted people to know where he was coming from and why he felt so strongly about the revival. He didnt teach doctrine about angels he always emphesized Jesus , his healing and His Presence to heal. His passion for the sick and needy was very obvious and tender.. We love Todd and pray that God will in due season raise him up again to do even greater things for the Lord..All blasphemers and those that dont know how to love the bretheren need not respond.

  30. 30 Robin Sep 18th, 2008 at 8:37 am

    I too was blessed by Lakeland outpouring and it had much more to do with God than any man or woman.

    It is truly sad how quickly we jump on one of our own when he’s down. How quickly we point fingers. We are all vunerable to satan’s tricks, deceptions, temptations. Just beacuse Todd fell, doesn’t mean he’s a false prophet. It just means he’s human. He was under great attack for what he was doing. I can tell you from experience, the closer you get to God and what God wants you to do, the greater the attacks are going to be. Sometimes you fall, sometimes you don’t, as you grow and mature in God, you began to get it right more often. It’s so easy to critizes those that have fallen. So easy to see there sin and poke at them when they are down.
    What is it that most people remember when King David is mentioned? He had a man murdered so he could take his wife. What about the 7 churches in Revelation? Ever single one except the church of Ephesus was doing something wrong. One was even working fully in the gifts of the spirit and yet was doing many things wrong.

    For those that are casting stones, I would get down off my high horse if I were you and thank God I wasn’t in front of millions when I fell. Because each and every single one of us are vunerable. And if you think you aren’t, then you are deluding yourself.

  31. 31 Baz Sep 18th, 2008 at 3:47 pm

    Thank you so much!
    I´m praying every day for Todd & Shonnah.

    Bless you,

  32. 32 cyril nicholson Sep 19th, 2008 at 1:34 pm

    the lord said those with out sin throw the first stone wee all fall short off gods grace so let us get of our high horse dont kick someone when they are all ready down the lord says have compassion they was murderers in the bible dont for get and some of them were great men of god and still are to this very day

  33. 33 bill Sep 20th, 2008 at 11:33 pm

    This whole situation makes me sad, as I see so many people, whom most of I am sure are truely in love with Jesus, throwing stones at each other. We should be destroying the works of darkness. For those of you who can’t seem to believe Todd was being used of God let me share a couple of things. First let me say of course he needs to repent of any sin.
    I personally know several people whose lives have been dramatically touched by God through Todd’s ministry. They are passionately seeking after Jesus, whereas before they were consumed with the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. They are now praying for people, sharing the love of Jesus with them, etc. That is not the work of satan – satan loved them being in the middle of drunkeness, fornication, etc. Does this mean they are completely free of sin in their life? No it does not. Does that mean they should not “minister” until they have no sin. Of course not, if we waited for people to be perfect until they ministered, who would be ministering. Is sin wronge? Yes! Do we need to repent for it? Yes! Do we need to continue to grow in the word, etc.? Yes!
    The level of freedom any of us walk in varies from individual to individual. And we certianly can not tell how much someone loves God by their works (i.e. king David), and the word tells us that God judges a man by his heart not by his works. So many of you have talked about the Lakeland outpouring being false healings and lying signs and wonders and manifestations of the devil.
    Well, I myself have been healed and know many others also healed, and the result is a more passionate pursuit of Jesus! I have personally seen many of the signs and wonders and manifestations that some of you say are from the devil in ministry that I have done overseas, in 8 different nations. How you can try to tell me that people getting saved, healed and delivered is from satan is beyond me. I think satan would have been much happier if they would have remained muslims, hindus, terrorists, etc. or in their condition of hopelessness, sickness, oppression, etc.
    We have had meetings where the Presence of God is so strong that people go down under His power and when they get up they are saved, because Jesus came and told them the Gospel. How can you tell me that men stopping beating their wives or stopping killing people is from satan? I have been to where the poorest of the poor are; where there is no tv, and the same signs and wonders and manifestations and miracles occur. Jesus said such would/should happen with the preaching of the gospel.
    How can you tell me that when someone gets healed when I pray for them in the name of Jesus that it was the devil, or when I pray for them to be touched by God in the name of Jesus it is the devil? Do you recall what Jesus said when He was so accused? Also if you research who God is refering to when He mentions the “elect”, you will see it is believers, not a group of elite believers. The scripture you refer to about God shortening the days elsewise even the elect would be decieved, is clearly refering to unbelievers being decieved (lying signs and wonders are what Cris Angel and other unbelievers are doing).
    Am I saying that there are never demonic manifestations when the Presence/Power of God shows up? Of course not. But I am not going to discount everything because the demons get upset because God is moving! And why do some of you say it is unscriptural to talk to angels? Scripture is full of people talking to angels – we are just told not to worship them. Also nowhere in the Bible does it indicate that angels are of only male gender.
    Just so you know i have never taken a penny in profit from any ministry I have done. I have gone into debt in order to take Jesus to the nations. My life is consumed with getting to know God (Father/Son/Holy Spirit) more intimately. I live in an uncompleted house, have never bought a new car for myself, give everything that is given to me to help the poor and unsaved, and yet you would say that I am being led by evil spirits. Please explain that to me.

  34. 34 1PatmosVoice Oct 1st, 2008 at 1:29 am

    Since the Lord promised to ‘be in the midst of 2 or 3 gathered in His name’ then He will continue to save, heal, fill with the Spirit and perform wonderful AND TRUE miracles within His gathered body of believers. This is the Lord’s greatest desire, to be in the midst of His beloved children.

    The Lord will do this regardless of the profile of leader or huckster or even false prophet, like Bentley, who might be standing in the forefront. The Lord would NEVER choose ‘not’ to be in the midst of His beloved believers based on the sinfulness, evil or false prophet status and nature of the leader standing in the forefront at the pulpit.

    This is important to know in discerning how true miracles could really happen even though the minister eventually is found out to be a huckster, like Bentely. This is why the Lord said ‘many will name Him as ‘Lord’ and even perform miracles, yet I will say to them “Depart from Me, I never knew you” ‘. [Math 7:21]. Why? Because even though Jesus was in the midst of His people performing miracles, the leader in front misled His people [false prophets will mislead many/Math 24:4,5] and also lived inappropriately and in an unChristlike manner.


  35. 35 William Aug 23rd, 2009 at 5:14 pm

    What has happened , had happened before and will happen again . We do not realise that our warfare is not against flesh and blood , but against the powers and the principalities in the air above.If a mighty man such as Paul’s asked the congregations to pray for him and his ministry , how much more do we not need to pray for each other and those whom are ministering God’s word.We whom are standing should be careful that we do not fall, as our enemy is walking around like a roaring lion seeking whom he can devour.We are responsible for our own salvation – we are reminded that we should work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. We tend to see the splinter in our brothers eye , but in our own eye there is a beam ??? Our personal prayer and worship life should be done in our closet , the secret place , were we speak to God through Jesus Christ the Son.Because God sees in secret and will recompense us in public , if we believe and have faith in Him and His word. For every promise of God is standing firm , and those that go to God must believe that He is, and a rewarder of those who seek Him. If we lack God’s Spirit and power , we need to ask Him – How much more will the Father not give the Holy Spirit to those who seek Him.And greater is He that is within us , than he that is in the world.The Holy Spirit , the Comforter sent from the Father , will teach us all things and guide us in our daily walk, but we need to acknowledge his presence in our lives , and that our bodies are the temple of God’s Spirit that dwell in us. We need to care for this temple and not expose it to the world of sin , and indulge in it.For it is easy to grieve the Holy Spirit that is in us , and we are warned not to grieve the Spirit. Let us take our eyes of man and what takes place in their lives, for we will all stand before the Lord individually in the day of judgement to answer for our own deeds in this body we are living in. Let our lives be holy and acceptable to God at all times , and let us do His commands which is not impossible – Love the Lord our God and the second command , love our neighbour as we love ourselves.If we do this , we will not succumb to the evil desires of the flesh and the works of darkness that is forever enticing those whom wish to live a holy life before our God and His Son Jesus Christ. Let us look up in this time of distress and falling away , as our redemption is drawing near , and our Lord Jesus will be returning soon , to take us who are expectant of his coming , to be with Him for ever. Amen

  36. 36 Northeast Pastor Sep 16th, 2011 at 12:32 am

    Wow!! Great comments! I’m presently teaching a bible study series entitled “Sheeps with Wolves Clothing”.. this incident is certainly a present-day crisis in the so-called Prophetic arena of hog-wash ministers and apostles putting on a show to honest, bible hungry believers!
    What have we seen so far?
    1- Deceivers deceiving
    2- Wolves living rampant liberal lives among sheep and preaching the Word on stage, but denying it’s efficacy in their lives
    3- No discernment from church members or leaders
    4- No discernment from Apostolic Overseer until the situation exploded beyond repair
    5- etc. etc. etc…
    Please go back to your Bible loving church and preacher who teaches you the truth.

breaking curses and controlling powers
Jezebel spirit


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