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Wednesday, Jul 23rd

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How to Pray for your Stressful Situation

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prayerIn 2 Chronicles 20:4-7 the Israelites under King Jehoshaphat were attacked by several enemy armies and one of their cities was captured. From their stressful situation, we can learn how to call on the Lord and pray for our stressful situations. The first thing that King Jehoshaphat did when he stood in the house of the Lord to pray, was to declare that God was in control in heaven and here on earth.


Likewise, you should acknowledge God's sovereignty over your stressful situation. Declare that He is still in control even if the situation is out of your hands for it cannot get out of His hand. Believe in your heart that the Lord's hand has not been shortened to the extent that it cannot save you (Isaiah 59:1) and confess with your mouth that your problematic situation is not too big for Him to solve or too stressful for Him to resolve.

The second thing that King Jehoshaphat did was to declare that since God was the One who had given them the land they were dwelling on, they believed that He was also able to protect it from their enemies.

Similarly, if you are suffering from a physical illness, prayerfully declare and believe that since God is the One who created your body, He is also able to heal it. If there is a rift in your marriage, as you petition Him restoration, proclaim and believe that since He is the One who joined you to your spouse, He is also able to keep you together for what God has joined together no man (or woman for that matter) should separate. (Matthew 19:6) If your children are going astray, as you request for His intervention, believe and decree that since He is the One who gave them to you for children are a gift from God, (Psalm 127:3) He is also able to help you keep them on the straight and narrow path to heaven.

Adapted from Managing Stress with the Word of God by Dr. Miriam Kinai (C) 2007 Dr. Miriam Kinai is a medical doctor and the author of Rules of Relaxation, Managing Stress for Teens, SWORD WORDS, Resolving Conflicts just like Jesus Christ and Managing Acne Naturally.



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