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Saturday, Jul 26th

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Discerning the Seasons of Your Life

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How often do we change seasons in our lives and never take the time to stop and look around and recognize what season we are in? The Bible tells us in Ecclesiastes that there is a time for every season and a time for every thing under heaven: a time to plant, a time to sow, a time to build, a time to grow, a time to plow, a time to reap. There are all kinds of times!  However, how do we know what the times and seasons of our life are? Here are three basic ways we can measure the seasons of our lives.

Discerning the Seasons of Your LifeWhat are our roots telling us? We often get caught up with a “new” revelation, and we try to move beyond the foundations of truth that God’s Word and God’s leaders have established in our lives. In this season, get back to your roots! What is your foundation trying to tell you to do?  Is it pushing you to expand and grow, or is it in a time of having you contract and protect what’s inside of you? Are we even connected to our foundations enough to know what they are telling us? If you are disconnected from your roots, you’ll never know what season you are in.

What are our resources giving us? For some people, the recent “economic crisis” has been the best thing to ever happen; they are actually more financially stable now than they were a year ago! For others, the resources may seem a little scarce right now. What are your resources telling you about the season you are in? If it’s raining outside and it’s sunny and warm everyday, then the trees begin to act as if it’s a spring season, but if the resources are a little dry, a little cold, and a little dark all the time, it might be a winter season… a time to contract and prepare for the next spring.

On a side note here, recognize that a single day change isn’t a season change. I remember a few days back in winter when it bumped 70 degrees outside, but that didn’t make it spring. Wait to see if the circumstances around you are consistently different or if it’s just a temporary change.  Don’t start acting like it’s winter because of one cold day, and don’t start spending like it’s “spring” just because of a few warm days.  Look for the consistencies in your circumstances.

Look at the weather. We often think of how spring is such a lovely time of the year, but we’ve also seen some pretty nasty storms.  Just because it’s a great time of the year, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have some “issues” that come with it. Too often in our life we get excited about a new season and then have our hopes “dashed against the rocks” at the first sight of a storm. We think we’re back in the old season again and that we’re never going to change. Recognize that when things start to change, the weather may get rough but that doesn’t make it a bad season. 

The very rain that has been so wonderful this spring season has been accompanied by the windy storms and the booming thunder. They will uproot things in our lives that aren’t stable and securely rooted, but that’s just part of the spring season.

Learn to measure the seasons in your life. By looking to our roots and listening to what they are telling us, by evaluating our current resources, and by looking at the “weather” of our life, we can begin to recognize exactly what the season of our lives is and how can we maximize our own growth during this season! 

DAVID COKER is a 1985 Rhema Bible College graduate, the founding apostle of Gateway Believers Fellowship in Carnesville, Ga. He is the founder of Breakthrough Apostolic Ministries Network (B.A.M.) He can be reached at


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