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Friday, Jul 25th

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Holy Living in a Fallen World

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Holy Living in a Fallen WorldHoly living in a fallen world. In today's society holy living has almost become a byword. People are more concerned in the life that they are living then in the life God has called us to live. As the days continue into months and months roll into years, time seems to usher in a new beginning.

The new beginning as we will see it, the second coming of Christ. Did he not say that the signs of the times would point to the arrival of his coming? The only event that has been kept from us is the day. Throughout the bible from Genesis to Revelations holiness is not a byword but a commandment. If holiness was unimportant to God then He would not be holy.

The world today has too many pitfalls which compel us into a world of sin. The enemy is out there looking for those who are lacking in the tools by which we are to live a holy life. The bible gives many tools for Christians to live by, to assure them of a victorious life.

One tool for such living is, reading the Word. The second is fellowshipping with like believers. The third is putting on the armor of God. Fourth is prayer, without a prayer life a Christian will surely fall. Witnessing to the lost is another tool by which we can live a holy life.

If we live in the spirit and not in the flesh that also guarantee's we will live a holy life. Back in the Garden of Eden the world in which God created Adam and Eve was perfect, they were without sin and without any needs, the creator met their needs.

God communed with Adam in the cool of the day. Their spiritual life also intact, no worries, no doubts, until the serpent arrived. He is the one who convinced them to turn from the life God had so lovingly given them. Holiness fell by the wayside, sin took its place.

Holy living in a fallen world can be accomplished if we live the way the bible says. Many people have the concept that his word is something of a difficulty but in actuality it is the opposite, his word becomes easier when it becomes a necessary part of our lives.

A journey into holy living is a process. We, as parents understand that our children don't start walking before crawling. Every phase of our children's lives is a beginning into something more wonderful.

With patience we watch in amazement to their potential unfolding before our eye. We, like our Father who applauds our accomplishments, striving to live a holy life, we applaud them as well.

Living a holy life in a fallen world is a gradual process of grace and dedication birthed in our heart, by the Holy Spirit. The world that we live in will remain a place of uncertain time as long as the enemy of our souls is the god of this world.

As human beings we struggle with strife, diseases, rebellion and many more hardships. I am sure as we go about everyday life we find due to the chaotic seasons we encounter it is difficult to focus on the one who created us.

We must remember that God realizes the imperfections of the human race. Christ came as the atonement for sin. When he said "It is finished" that is exactly what he meant. There would be no further need for atonement of sin.

It is up to each individual to decide for themselves how they will apply holy living in their Christian life. When man was created God gave him a free will. To choose for himself the kind of life that he would lead. I know from my own experience life is too difficult to live a life contrary to the word of God.

I thank you Father for giving us the tools to live a Christian life in a world that is contrary to your commandments. I thank you for sending your son so we might have fellowship with you. May we let our light shine before men so you can be glorified.

(c) Lori Godfrey. Used with permission.

My name is Lori Godfrey and I am a Christian freelance writer and author. I also have been published in my home town newspaper. I write for a bi-monthly magazine and I am presently writing a memoir. I have two websites



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