Texas Christian Halts Gay Housing Plan


Texas Christian University (TCU) is doing an about face on the issue of gay student housing. The university had planned to offer new themed housing programs this fall, including apartments for gays and lesbians, and straight students that want to learn more about sexual orientation and gender identity.


What got TCU?s attention? Possibly an outcry from bloggers and conservative media, though TCU Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr. insists the national attention did not sway his decision. Rather, he said complaints that themed housing divided rather than united students on campus caused him to reverse course on a move toward what the university calls “new living learning communities.”


“TCU will not launch any new living learning communities at this time. Instead we will assess whether the concept of housing residential students based on themes supports the academic mission of the institution, as well as our objective to provide a total university experience,” Boschini said. “The University will maintain its long-standing commitment to the inclusiveness of all people. To that end, our numerous and diverse support groups will continue to play a vital role on our campus.”