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Wednesday, Jul 23rd

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The Religious Left's Social Justice Bible

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Social JusticeOur nation is divided now on more fronts than ever before. The signs are evident. There are political wars, ideological racial wars and class wars. Now there's also a religious war.

The religious left is going at great lengths to twist the hearts and minds of Christians. They started their campaign to win Christians over to the left during Obama's universal health care debate -- which they won. Prior to that they started the evangelical green movement by introducing the Green Bible, promoting Christianity as a Green conscious faith. In cooperation with The Bible Society the religious left now have what they call the Poverty and Justice Bible.


This Bible is "the Bible that reveals God's passion," the website states. It continues, "Almost every page of the Bible speaks of God's heart for the poor. His concern for the marginalised. His compassion for the oppressed. His call for justice. The Poverty and Justice Bible megaphones his voice as never before."

The inspiration and foundation for this Bible reinterpretation came from Pastor Rick Warren and U2's Bono.

"Just about every page has some emphasis on justice and fairness. It's on the global agenda for politicians, activists and opinion formers. But fighting poverty and tackling injustice is no new concept for the 21st century. This Bible is proof that, on issues of social justice, God has plenty to say." The website states.

However, is the Bible about social justice? or about God's plan for salvation of mankind?

I wonder if the Parable of the Talents is in there? No social justice and fairness in that one, just equality of opportunity.

High taxes, stealing from the rich, redistributing the wealth is not social justice. Rather, it is high profile unrighteousness. While it's true that God the Father cares for the poor, the widows and the orphans. It is the Body of Christ's and the individual's responsibility to love thy neighbor as yourself, not a government's.

Social justice is not a biblical teaching of Christ. God loves justice, not social justice. So what is social justice? It should not be confused with the Social Gospel, which was a movement that was birth out of the protestant church applying Christian morals to social problems. Social justice rather is about class warfare. It is a phrase only leftists use, who believe justice can only be achieved by the recognition that capitalism and the economic inequality it produces must be replaced by a "classless" society wherein all differences in wealth and property have been eliminated. The Social Justice version of "justice" is political and quintessentially deterministic, believing as a core principle that people are what they are because they were born into an inflexible social order.

It advocates that "equality of opportunity" and "equality of outcome," can only be guaranteed and enforced by some structure of authority. It endorses socialism as a means of redressing the alleged evils of capitalism and producing a programmatic equality that it acknowledges will be purchased at the price of individual liberty and require the manufacture of what totalitarian governments have called "the New Man."

Social Justice is not Christian, but utterly secular. This attempt to twist the minds of born again believers is subtle and downright evil. Remember, it was the serpent who questioned God's word and reinterpreted it to Eve. When she believed his reinterpretation of what God said, she was deceived. The enemy has not changed his strategy. Christians, beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.


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