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Wednesday, Apr 23rd

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You are here: News Commentary and Opinions An Open Letter to President Obama and Mrs. Clinton from Honduras

An Open Letter to President Obama and Mrs. Clinton from Honduras

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Dear Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton;

I am a missionary here in Honduras for the past 13 years.  I am also a retired Air Force Master Sergeant of 22 years.  My pride and devotion to our country, I believe, is unquestionable.  However, you have made me ashamed, not of my country, but of its leaders, specifically you.  How could you possibly make such a rash and irresponsible decision to support a “would be” dictator and Hugo Chavez follower without taking even a moment to investigate the overwhelming evidence that repudiates his lies?

You are, by your irresponsible statements of support for this man, bringing the whole world against a country that has modeled itself after the United States and is doing everything it can to prevent Mr. Chavez from having another foothold in Latin America.  It seems as though you want to help a dictator instead of a lawful, democratic government that has been a US ally for generations.  What are you thinking?

Mr. President and Madam Secretary please take some time and see that you are on the wrong side of this?  If you follow the current course you will destroy a wonderful, free, God fearing, democracy that has lined itself up with the same values as you preach.  This is a matter for the Honduran government to handle not you!  They followed their constitution to the letter and have the right to continue in the way that they decide, not what the UN thinks.

If you will take a moment and look you will see that Mr. Zelaya was given the opportunity to face his accusers in court, but he chose to resign and go to Costa Rica.  He was not sequestered! Most of the “rioters” that have been seen on the news are not Hondurans, but people coming in from Nicaragua to stage things for the cameras.  Eighty to ninety percent of Hondurans are behind their government and do not want Mr. Zelaya back here.  Would you want him as your President?  He is just another puppet of Hugo Chavez.

I listened to another American friend yesterday who has been here for many years longer than I.  He said that the Generals were simply following orders of the Congress and they are devastated that the US, you Mr. President, has turned its back on them.  He said that these Generals had tears in their eyes as they realized that what they had believed about the U.S. was not true.

There are many other Americans here, Sir, that are extremely disappointed and angry with you two.  You are not only on the wrong side, but you have put us in danger.  For the most part the Honduran people are a loving and caring people.&n bsp; They have accepted and even loved us into their culture and family.  However, there is a minority of folks here that will see us as the enemy just because of your statements backing this man.

I have married a wonderful Honduran lady and we have two great kids here, but you have put all of us in a position of defending your actions that have no defense.  Even if my son comes in and says that someone hit him, my first question is “why, what did you do to provoke the action.”  Did you even give Honduras that respect by asking Mr. Zelaya what he did?

All that I and the rest of the American here, along with seven million Hondurans are asking is that you investigate what happene d before you make any more rash statements and that you not allow Mr. Chavez to try and put Mr. Zelaya back in office by force.  This will cause a backlash that could cost you a lot more than just having to read my letter.

Honduras does not have the biggest Armed Force in the world, but I know many of them and I know that they are ready to fight to defend their country Mr. President.

Please Mr. President and Madam Secretary think before you speak.  You influence the entire world with your words, sometimes it is for the good, but this time it was for the bad and you must stop it before disaster comes to Honduras!

Sincerely Disappointed,

J. P. DuBose,
MSgt, USAF, Retired

NOTE:  This message was sent to Mr. Obama directly at the White House.  You are free to use it if you wish to share with your congressman, senators or other goverment officials.


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