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Thursday, Jul 24th

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The Rise of the Judges in 2010

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The Rise of the Judges in 2010It's the Book of Judges all over again. When the early Israelites lost the moral leadership of Moses and Joshua, they fell into idolatry, economic distress and oppression from their enemies. As the Scriptures record, when they cried out to the Lord and repented, God would raise deliverers called Judges who mobilized the people to action and take their nation back. As a result, prosperity, liberty and peace were restored to them.

Could we be seeing history repeat itself? Just like in the Bible, as believers cry out to God to turn this nation around. Could God again raise up righteous judges with the judgment to lead us out of the cultural, political and economical mess we're in?

We have certainly seen no small number of activist judges who use their judicial powers to rule contrary to God's moral character. Sometimes they re-interpret the constitution instead of enforcing what it decrees. Others venture out of their job description to legislate from the bench.

Our constitution was designed to protect our greatest liberties. Having power hungry ideological judges misinterpret it, could only bring us back into the bondage of tyranny and oligarchy.

The Founders of this great land were wise enough to put three branches of US Government in place, so one could keep the other in check, preventing unconstitutional governance. We are gradually losing this as a nation. Presidents, politicians and special interest groups lobby for Judicial nominees who would rule according to their ideology, while rejecting those who simply follow the guidance of the constitution of the United States.

Yet something is brewing in the nation. While some grieve in their spirits for America, others are moved with passion to make a difference. To me -- the reason I am noting this -- it is prophetic to see the possibility of two former judges run for office in 2010.

First there's Judge Roy Moore who announced earlier this month he is indeed running for Governor of Alabama. He ran before and lost, but times are different now. Moore told supporters he plans to stop annual tax appraisals and wants to develop an independent commission to monitor state education.

Moore also said he plans to fight for "states' rights." "The tenth amendment preserves our rights as states to do certain things like healthcare or education, other things," said Moore. "The federal government has no right to come into our business."

Then there's Judge Andrew Napolitano. He has not officially announced his run for public office, but one website launched "a grassroots campaign to draft Judge Napolitano to Public Office," in the hopes Napolitano would answer the call. So far he has 1304 pledges of support.

This is from his website: Judge Napolitano is the youngest life-tenured Superior Court judge in the history of the State of New Jersey. For eleven years, Judge Napolitano was an adjunct professor of law at Seton Hall Law School, where he taught constitutional law and jurisprudence and was voted most outstanding professor in three different academic years.

Currently, he is the Senior Judicial Analyst for the Fox News Channel and host of Freedom Watch, his motto: "Stay Free."

Here's a podcast of Freedom Watch:

The Book of Judges is encouraging because it shows that no matter how bad things get, God always has a man or woman prepared to lead. God always has a remnant people. And that's all it takes, my friend, a remnant. Let's welcome the rise of the judges.



Judge Napolitano: The Cause of Liberty

Judge Andrew NapolitanoJudge Andrew Naplitano Shares How We Can Re-establish Freedom in America Again. He is a freedom fighter, a liberty-seeker, and a straight shooter. He’s the youngest life-tenured Superior Court judge in the history of the State of New Jersey, the host of Fox’s Freedom Watch show, and the author of four books, including “Constitutional Chaos,” “The Constitution in Exile,” “A Nation of Sheep” and his latest effort “Dred Scott’s Revenge.”

Napolitano understands that our personal, civil, financial and religious liberties are under attack – and he understands what true freedom is. When you want insight into how to turn our country around, the judge is among the best people to ask.