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Wednesday, Jul 30th

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Dr. Lester Sumrall: A Tribute to a Victorious Life
“I won’t be satisfied unless I win a million souls for Jesus everyday” – Dr. Lester Sumrall

Few evangelists have seen as much of the world as Lester Sumrall witnessed – and witnessed to. Lester Sumrall was one of the most colorful preachers of the 20th century. Beginning as a fiery young preacher during the depression and ending with the foundation of a global ministry in 1987 aimed at wiping out hunger in Third World countries: his life story inspires as well as it teaches. Lester Sumrall was a man who threw himself at the feet of Jesus Christ, possessing a zealousness and long-term commitment that still amazes even those who knew him.

Lester Sumrall (1913-1996) was a world-renowned pastor and evangelist, entering full-time service for God after experiencing what he recalls as the most dramatic and significant thing that ever happened to him. At the age of 17, as he lay on a deathbed suffering from tuberculosis, he received a vision. Suspended in midair to the right of his bed was a casket; on his left was a large open Bible. He heard these words: “Lester Sumrall, which of these will you choose tonight?” He made his decision – he would preach the Gospel as long as he lived. When Lester Sumrall awoke the next morning, he was completely healed and served the Lord for sixty-five years.

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